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Use and common side effects Diaglip tablets

Diaglip® is a popular brand name of the prescription only oral antidiabetic agent Glipizide. This medication was developed by Cipla pharmaceuticals, India. Glipizide belongs to the sulfonylurea drug family.

 Diaglip® is one of the more potent anti-diabetic agents in the sulfonylurea family. This medication reduces blood glucose in both diabetic and non-diabetic individuals.

Diaglip tablets

What your doctor should know before prescribing?

Your doctor should know your complete medical history before prescribing Diaglip®. 

He should know whether you have liver problems and a condition called acute porphyria. If you have these problems doctor will not prescribe this medication for you. 

You should tell whether you have LIVER problems

The doctor will not prescribe this medication to you if you are pregnant or breast feeding. If you have renal impairment the doctor will analyze risks and benefits before starting on Diaglip®.

This medication should be taken as advised by the doctor. Also this should be taken as whole with a full glass of water to minimize side effects.

Take with full glass of water

Over dose can result in serious reduction of blood glucose and you should seek immediate medical advice. You need to check your blood glucose regularly during therapy to avoid changes in blood glucose levels in your blood.

Regular blood glucose level monitoring is essential

One of the important things is to take your recommended diabetic diet and reduce weight if you are overweight. Taking the medication and not following dietary advice is one of the main problem physicians face with their patients.

Healthy diabetic diet should accompany this medication. You should not eat sugar and take medication to compensate.

Important side effects of Diaglip

Reduction of blood glucose level is the main side effect of this medication as well.
Knowing the effects of reduced blood glucose is important.

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"If you get these symptoms then you should take glucose or sugar snack and seek emergency medical help"

They are sweating, feeling hungry, and feeling that you are going to die and feeling faint.

Others will notice sudden changed behavior, impaired judgment, and confusion in you.

Doctors usually start on 2.5mg – 5mg daily shortly before breakfast or lunch.

How this medication works?

Diabetes is caused by destruction of beta cells (insulin producing cells) in the pancreas as well as increased insulin resistance. This medication acts by stimulating secretion of insulin from the existing beta cells of the pancreas. Diaglip® does not reduce peripheral insulin resistance.

 Since diabetes is a progressive disease, destruction of beta cells continues and the number of healthy beta cells goes down. So doctors have to increase the dose over time. Ultimately, the number of healthy beta cells will become so low, that doctors may need to discontinue the medication and start insulin injections. 


Diaglip is an anti diabetic medication manufactured in India. When you take the medication it is important to remember effects of reduced sugar in the body. 

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