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Side effects of Clopivas tablets

Clopivas is a medication prescribed by the doctors to treat and prevent ischemic heart diseases (In patients with heart attacks). It is a platelet aggregation inhibitor and it inhibits platelet action. It is a commonly prescribed well-tolerated drug. Its generic name is Clopidogrel. Its available as 75mg, 150, 300mg  tablets. Sometimes it is combined with aspirin and called Clopivas AP.

Clopivas 75mg Tablets

What are the less dangerous but common side effects?

Abdominal pain,
Pins and needles,
Nausea are common side effects.

In addition, doctors will not prescribe Clopivas to patients with bleeding disorders, kidney diseases, liver diseases and history of trauma.

"If you have any bleeding disorder or bleed excessively after minor cut injuries you should inform your doctor before getting the prescription."

If you have excessive bleeding then inform your doctor before getting prescription.
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If you are breast feeding, then this medication is not suitable for you. In addition, doctors prescribe Clopivas cautiously to pregnant women.

What are the serious side effects?

Most serious side effects are due to delay in blood clot formation such as in bleeding inside the brain. But it is very rare and doctors prescribe this medication after thoroughly assessing you for risk of brain bleeding.

Bledding inside the brian can be dangerous side effect of this medication but is very rare
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This medication can also cause serious allergic reactions such as anaphylactic shock. If you develop widespread hives, pallor, and chest tightness, edema of the lips and mouth and shortness of breath, stop the medication and seek emergency medical help. This is also rare.

Hives or wheals are common form of allergic reaction. This medication can very rarely cause allergy. Sometimes it can be dangerous.
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In addition, seek medical help if you develop features suggestive of bleeding inside the brain (stroke) such as,

* Sudden weakness of one side of the body
* Sudden headache
* Confusion
* Problems with balance
* Vision problems
* Speech problems

In addition seek medical help if you get yellowish discoloration of the body.

What are the things you should know before taking this drug?

This drug may cause you to bleed excessively. Especially if you are wounded so do the necessary first aid and contact your doctor if the bleeding cannot be stopped. Do not use alcohol, because alcohol is known to increase gastric bleeding. Contact your doctor if you happen to pass black color stools, or develop vomiting mixed with blood.

Very Important !

If you are planning to undergo surgery or do a dental checkup, inform about this drug to your surgeon or Anesthetist before undergoing any procedure. 

Do not take over the counter NSAIDS when you are taking Clopivas without your doctor’s advice. NSAIDS such as Motrin, Naprosyn and Aspirin can increase the chances of gastric bleeding.

How Clopivas works?

A disease process called Atherosclerosis leads to Heart attacks, stroke and peripheral vascular diseases. In atherosclerosis blood vessel lumen is partially obstructed by the cholesterol and various lipids. This increases the chances of blood clot formation inside the artery and can leads to complete block. Platelets play a big role in forming these blood clots. Being an antiplatelet agent, Clopivas prevents blood clot formation and allow smooth flow of blood to heart and other organs.


Clopivas is a commonly prescribed drug for heart diseases. Main side effects are prolonged bleeding and stroke (rarely). In addition nursing mothers should not use this drug.


British National Formulary

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